If your daily commute looks like this, then you are probably wondering how to make some changes.

This was the scene at London Euston station after an incident with a trespasser on the tracks.

It closed all the trains in and out of the station for several hours – effectively closing Euston Station down, and I just happened to get  caught up in it.

This is not my regular commute, I had to travel into London for the day.

All was going well until the evening. It was about 18:00 and there was an hour before I was due to get onto my train.

So I sat myself down in an upstairs café, away from bustle, where I was able to see the concourse below.

I began to notice the platform getting fuller and fuller.  

Now if you’ ve spent any time at Euston Station, then you will see this happen regularly, the platform fills up, then there is a rush of people like ants  when the platform number is displayed.

Then they quickly disperse to catch their train.

The concourse empties, just a bit and then the next set of commuters start gathering.

Only on this day, this wasn’ t happening.

Instead the board was filled with words that every daily commuter does not want to see DELAYED and then  CANCELLED.

The station got increasingly busier and fuller as bodies crammed in. For safety, the main entrances to the station were shut.

Then came the first announcement which was muffled and unclear, something about a police incident with a trespasser on the tracks just outside the station in Euston. There would be no trains until this was resolved.

The scene appeared to be of utter chaos and you can read a bit more about it Here and also Here.

The few staff were trying to hand out leaflets.

it appears that stuff like this happens on a regular basis and so they have outlined a list of alternative routes into and out of Euston.

Here’ s what they advise you to do when London Euston Station is closed


Alternative Routes Out of London Euston Station

But What Do You Do When Your Daily Commute Turns To Chaos?

It is always interesting to see what people do in these situations.

Have you heard it said that how you react to these situations, is usually how you show up in many areas of your life?

So what happened next…

The world of the digital age and technology came to the rescue.

The mobile phones were busy as people called loved ones at home to say they were going be delayed and to search for alternative routes.

I heard a few parents, saying good night to little ones,   saying ‘Sorry darling, Mummy is not going to get back home to tuck you in tonight.’ Facetime is wonderful at these moments.

One poor mum, said she had two little ones at home with the nanny, her husband was working abroad and she did not know what she was going to do’ .

I felt sorry for the pregnant woman, it is not the ideal situation at the best of times, and worse still when you have to take care of another passenger on board.

Everyone was thinking for themselves, at that moment there was one focus on everyone’ s mind, How Will I Get Home Tonight?

What were the options for these daily commuters?  

1) Sit it out and wait and hope that the matter will be resolved in a couple of hours and that the trains will be back running again

2) Find an alternative route home. According to the leaflet planner they handed out, for me this was going to take 4:30 hours instead of 3 hours, not quite what you want at the end of a long day, right.

3) Find a hotel room to stay for the night and try again in the morning.

What to do when your daily commute comes crashing down on you.

That’ s when I looked up and saw this man opposite me, totally unperturbed.

He was sitting and watching a movie, eating a bag of peanuts, one peanut after the other.  

In his own blissful world around the scene of chaos unfolding around him.

For a moment I thought maybe he didn’ t realise what was going on around him. Maybe he was so absorbed in his movie, with his headphones on, maybe, just maybe, he didn’ t realise.

So, I thought I’d better say something and let him know.

So, I started with ‘You seem rather relaxed there, aren’ t you concerned about getting back home with all this chaos unfolding?’

He smiled, a knowing smile, like he had some insider information that had been communicated to him and only him.

He replied, ‘This happens all the time, I commute on this route daily, at first I would try to find another way home but it took me so long to do, that I have learnt to just sit and wait it out. It usually resolves in a couple of hours and then you are on your way again’ .

It’ s always great to have someone to follow, right.

Someone who has been there before, who knows the way ahead and how to get yourself out of the situation.

I took his advice and I sat it out.

Sure enough about an hour later, the boards started to flash once again with trains starting to run.

The second train had my home town as one of the stops on its destination.

It wasn’ t my booked train, but at that moment I don’ t think there was any booking system in operation, and it was a case of getting a train and getting as close to home as possible.

Never before did you see such focus and determination around.

I was getting that train by hook or by crook. I pushed my way through the crowds that were standing and waiting.

In my mind’ s eye, I could see myself getting on the train and every bit of my focus and intention was on that one task.

The daily commute — what does all this have to do with you?

Well for one research has shown how it impacts on your health.

Can you imagine all the stress this must have caused those poor mothers who could not get home to their little ones? Or to miss the night tucking your precious one into bed? Not to think about the impact of such stress on your own health  

If you are wondering how you too can end your daily commute once and for all, then have a look at this.  

Find out how you could make it possible to never face this nightmare on a daily basis.  

Don’ t let your daily commute wear you down,  maybe it is time to start thinking of a change.

Sometimes, it is easier to follow those who have walked the journey before and know what is ahead.

They know when to wait and when to move, and they can show you how. If you would like a mentor to show you an alternative way, just like the man on my commute who knew what to do. Imagine if I had tried to find an alternative route?

What I learnt from this journey, is that when you focus your mind on one thing and one thing only, when you are determined with one task in mind, then you will find a way to make it.

I got that train by the way, Yippee!!!

Will you be getting on your train again tomorrow, and will your daily commute still be wearing you down in years to come?

Living a simple life in the digital world, and you can too.

The Digital Mum