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If you have thought about starting a blog, then you may also have wondered what is my message and how do I find my voice in this world. It is not easy when first starting out with your own blog and Jeff Goins is an ordinary guy who shares his knowledge about the essential elements needed to start up a successful blog and make a living from it.

Jeff Goins is a blogger and writer who has done just that.

But for many years before this he tells of his struggle to be successful.

He was someone who aspired for so long to be something and someone.

Jeff Goins tried to set up several blogs and failed miserably at it each time.

He was an aspiring writer and he talks about wanting to become a writer.

It was only when a friend said

‘Jeff , you are a writer, start acting like one’

That is when he stopped and thought how true that was.

When do you become a writer?

When someone tells you that you are a writer or when you start to believe in yourself?

He would then get up at 5am in the morning just to write before he went out to work.

He wrote every day for a year posting on his blog, guest posting and just writing.

This was his transformation from a failing wannabe to a successful writer.

Through this process he found his voice, he found the message that he wanted to share with the world.

His unique factor.

His life has never been the same since he put in this time and effort.

He was able to quit his job and retire his wife and makes a living from his blog and writing.

He has authored several books notably: –

‘You Are A Writer’

The Art of Work’

Jeff Goins has become well known in the speaking field in relation to blogging and kindle marketing sphere.

If you get a chance to go on one of his webinars, it will be time well spent, you will learn:

  • How to find your unique voice and share it with the world
  • Why your worldview matters (and the reason  the world needs you to be different from everyone else)
  • What makes a person’s voice stand out and how to effectively use tested strategies to share it
  • How to put it all together to build a blog that matters and that results in you getting published and paid for your work

Of course, Jeff Goins is going to make you an offer at the end of the webinar otherwise what would be the point of his webinar but he is not pushy like other marketers and it is your choice at the end of the day whether you are ready to change your life.

It’ s your choice to find your own voice whether that is through a blog or through writing your own book.

If you are interested in setting up a blog and finding your voice, then you can find out more about Jeff Goins at

Jeff’ s Goins has two exceptional courses called Intentional Blogging and Tribe Writers.

He recently allowed a sneak peek of the course for a FREE 7 day trial period.

Here’ s what I think of Intentional Blogging by Jeff Goins

This is the first course that combines the elements of writing with those of marketing. Most blogging courses come from the standpoint of marketing and talk about outsourcing your blog posts to other writers.

They focus on generally getting content any content and stuffing keywords into your content which in the end means that your content does not read or flow very well.

If you have ambitions as a writer or enjoy writing and want to find out the correct way to set up a blog and gather an audience who will listen to you then, I recommend Intentional Blogging as a great start platform.

Jeff Goins does not hold back and talks of his own failure, about 8 or 9 blogs which he started over the years which never gained any momentum and then he worked it all out and found out where he was going wrong. He shares the right way to set up a blog in his Intentional Blogging Course.

The Price Point of Intentional Blog is $497 but he has a payment plan of $49 per month for 12 months.

What will you find on the Intentional Blogging Course.

Intentional Blogging is divided up into four modules

Module One – Getting Started

Covers the elements of the Right Mindset.

Why start a blog in the first place and your reasons for blogging,

The practical steps of setting up your blog.

Module Two — Building Your Brand

Jeff Goins talks about finding your voice.

Choosing your blog type

Finding your focus.

He explains his theory of the key blogging personalities and an important feature is setting out your blogging cornerstone content.

Module Three — Crafting Content

Finally, you get to the real stuff creating your About You page,

Creating compelling content,

Creating Catchy Headlines

Editing and scheduling your posts.

Module Four- Growing your Audience

You probably would have heard about list building but Jeff Goins approaches this with the mind of a writer and not a marketer so he shares some pertinent points such as

Guest postings,

Using social media,

Interviewing experts


Module five- Bonuses

Webinars and FAQ

Should you buy Intentional Blog Course by Jeff Goins?

Yes – if you want to build a successful blogging platform

Yes- if you want to learn how to find your voice and your focus

Yes- if you want to grow your audience

Here’ s to living your digital life

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Because there is another way!

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