I am always in awe of how the digital era has changed the way we do anything and everything.

I was recently purchasing a car for my daughter.

The first place I went to…

The internet and online for

Reviews of cars, reviews of garages and everything else I thought I ever wanted to know about buying a car.

It can be overwhelming as there is so much information out there.

The internet is supposed to be helpful but sometimes it is not.

Remember, reviews people put up are based on their on their own personal experience.

We are all individuals and experience things differently.

We have different personalities and sometimes there is no pleasing some people, just because they have had a bad experience does not mean you will too.

When you read reviews, read them openly and don’ t fall on the one negative review to base your opinion on.

It is human nature that people like to complain when things go wrong but how often do you write a review when things go right?

I was dithering over the car purchase because I am the Digital Mum and not very mechanically minded and didn’ t want to buy a piece of junk.

I decided, in the end, to use the services of ClickMechanic to obtain a pre-inspection report on the car I wanted to purchase.

At first, I have to admit I was a bit dubious about ClickMechanic.

Who were they?

I hadn’ t heard of them prior to my internet search.

I didn’ t have the trust because I didn’ t know them or anything about them which is part of human nature and our sometimes cautious behaviour.

I had also contacted the bigger names out there.

The AA and RAC — also do pre-inspection reports.

I have to say their service (AA and RAC) at the outset was less than appealing.

I had to call a call centre for both the AA and RAC,  press several buttons through those awful automated sytems, just to speak to someone, they then couldn’ t view the car for 72 hours and charged over double the price.

I went onto ClickMechanic’s website was able to book a mechanic online. I didn’ t have to call any call centres across the world and the mechanic was able to complete the pre-inspection of the car in the next 48 hours for half the price.

What’ s there not to like about ClickMechanic?

I received an instant email confirmation of the booking and then the details of the mechanic who would be attending.

The mechanic provided a verbal report within a couple of hours of viewing the car and a full written report within 24 hours.

All round I have to say, it was an impressive service from start to finish.

Take a look at My Clickmechanic review


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*If you decide to use ClickMechanic through my link, I may be paid an affiliate commission. I only recommend products that I use and have had a good service from. Please do your own research and ensure that the product is what you are looking for.