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What is a Digital Lifestyle Business?

A digital lifestyle business is about creating a lifestyle you love using a laptop and the internet to make an income. A digital lifestyle business is about creating choices in your life as you are effectively building a business from home or even anywhere in the world. The internet has made transitioning to a digital life more possible than ever.

A digital lifestyle business enables you to create an income from home using various digital methods.

For example, there is affiliate marketing where you sell products and receive a commission for doing so. You can sell digital or physical products.

You can provide services such as freelance skills, if you are a writer, graphic designer, copy editor or website designer etc.

Or if you have a hobby and are creative you can create your own products to sell.

You can learn to be a social media manager and manage businesses social media accounts and get paid for it.

You could start a blog and monetise your blog with advertising or affiliate products.

There are so many ways in which you can create an income from home using a digital lifestyle business once you learn the skills that you will need.

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Transitioning from the day job to your New Digital Life

If you’ ve been thinking about whether the Digital Lifestyle is a good fit for you,

then you probably have some questions.

Maybe you are still uncertain about this new way of working and creating an income from home and are feeling hesitant about whether this is right for you.

I’ m taking it that you’ ve had a dabble with a few online ideas, which frankly can be overwhelming when first starting out as there is so much information out there about building an online business or working from home.

Maybe you’ ve even tried some of them and this hasn’ t worked out the way you hoped and has left you questioning this digital lifestyle even more than ever.

But something inside of you is still calling you to find out how to build a digital lifestyle business.

This post is going to break down two most often asked questions

How To Make a Digital Lifestyle Business Work for You?


Does This Digital Lifestyle Business Stuff Really Work?

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How To Make a Digital Lifestyle Business Work for You?

This next thing may surprise you,

the first thing to do and you may find this the hardest part, is  DO NOT  leave your day job to go and build your digital lifestyle business.

Making the transition from one thing (your day job) to another (digital lifestyle) is often the hardest and most difficult part.

The problem for people transitioning is that they stop their job before they are ready.

You might be wondering by now.

When is the right time to start a digital business?

How do you create an income from home?

And even, should you consider the digital lifestyle at all?

These are the same questions that come up for so many people when they are thinking of making this transition from the traditional economy into the laptop lifestyle.

They have many doubts and probably even more questions.

They feel stuck at times by the fear of making this transition.

If this is you, you may be wondering what you should do?

One of the hardest parts is the transition phase.

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The best way to make the transition is  slowly.  

A huge challenge will be in finding time to learn and master the skills you will need whilst still holding down a full-time job.

There are going to be so many new skills to learn in order to build up the online business, and you are best doing this around your current work commitments.

This will not only give you the motivation to make these changes, but it will also show you whether you truly have the guts and determination to create your digital lifestyle.

Because let’ s face it working for yourself is not the easiest thing in the world.

Let us walk through some of the things you need to consider.

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Set Up Your Transition Plan to Create a Life You Love


Write down a date when you want to achieve this transition to a digital lifestyle business by.

If you don’ t define the timescale, then you will never know when you are going to reach it.

Let me give you an example, if you say I am going on holiday but never make a firm booking, you will probably never go. Right?

So set a firm date for when you want to make this transition.

You are probably wondering how long to give yourself.

How long will this take?

-When should you quit your job?

The only time you should stop your day job, is when you have earned enough from your digital business to replace your current income or earned enough for several months to meet your current expenses.

That is your financial freedom figure.

You should also have no debt.

You should have at least 6 months worth of savings behind you.

Only then can you possibly think of quitting the day number.

Those should be your incentives.

If you want to make real changes to your life.

No one said it will be easy, but it can be done.

You can make a fresh start at any time of the year, no need to wait for the new year or the next month.

When people want a fresh start, they make resolutions which frankly we all know do not work and research shows that these are forgotten by the first week of the year.

Work out your plan of action

You will need to work out what you need to do to reach that financial freedom goal.

Break it down firstly, month by month, week by week and then by day by day.

Then set up a schedule for each day.

I can’ t stress how important this part is.

Think of it like your shop front, how many hours a day can you come and open it?

If you are not open and working on it then it will not be able to gain any traction and interest.

If your customer comes one day and you are open and then closed the next, they will go elsewhere. Consistency is key to your schedule.

You need to know when you can open your shop each day. And stick to it!!

quote spending a lot of time of a task does not make a task important

I’ m going to be honest, it is not going to be easy if you plan to build something solid and that will offer value to others.

I know this because it was a real struggle to find the motivation, at the end of the day, to sit again in front of the computer.

It was a real mental block to get past this first hurdle. Early warning alert.

This is how it played out for me when I first got started online.

I would return home by 6.30 pm. Full of zest that I was going to write something for my blog or do some marketing task.

I would make some dinner and sit down in front of the television to eat and before I knew it, it would be 10 pm.

I wouldn’ t have even made a start.

It would carry on like this for days on end and the weekends would come and go and still in my head I would be thinking, I will do it tomorrow.

I was the chief procrastinator.

Why I procrastinated for so long, I don’ t know, because deep down I wanted to change my life and knew I needed to do so.

What do you do when you are in this situation?

It’ s hard making the transition from your day job to your dream life?

But at the end of the day it is up to you how much commitment you have.

How many hours can you commit to building up your digital education and creating your new life every day?

Let’ s be realistic here.

Don’ t say you will put in five hours when you know you won’ t do it. And even thinking of it makes you feel exhausted.

Better to start small then build on this.

It is better to say I can commit to two hours each evening because this is doable for most people.

Two hours is enough to keep on top of things.

Maybe you can find additional time over the weekends and can do more at those times to really get going quicker.

The more work you put in the quicker the results should come.

Work on tasks daily that will move you forward.


quote doing something unimportant well does not make it important

Now work out what you will do with those two hours.

Because if you don’ t you will be down that rabbit hole of Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and who knows what else.

Set out what you need to do with those two hours to reach your goal by that specific date.

Maybe it is a training you need to complete.

But don’ t get stuck in training mode.

If you watch a training, then set aside time to implement what you have learnt and complete any action steps that have been set for you.

or it might be writing a blog post.

You will need to draft content.

Do content research.

Find images.

Write the blog post.

Know what you will do with those 2 hours to get that blog post done.

The problem for people transitioning is that they stop their job before they are ready.

Review you plan of action each week and each month.

You will need to check in on yourself.

Do this weekly. Have you achieved the tasks that you set yourself for each day that week?

It was one of the difficulties I found when starting out, but I am sure you will be more determined than I was.

When I came home from the JOB in the evening, you will know that I didn’ t always focus at first.

No matter how motivated I was in my head, my body just flagged. I just couldn’ t get the two to work together.

I was exhausted and I didn’ t want to look at a computer screen.

Afterall I had been doing so for the greater part of the day already.

My eyes were tired. My body was stiff from sitting still for most of the day producing report after report.

But I knew that it was up to me to put in the work if I wanted to see any changes in my life.

If you are not keeping to your schedule, then ask yourself why?

And how will you do it differently next week?

how to finally get important tasks done

This brings us to the second question.

Does this Digital Lifestyle Stuff really work?

How do you create an income from home?

You will need to have a system to follow that teaches you what to do.

Afterall you don’ t just become a doctor or teacher.

You go and train for many years to learn what you need to do.

It is the same with an online business.

Many people think that they can just go and start running a digital lifestyle business. They have no clue about what to do or how to start and when they fail, they tell everyone that it does not work.

Well, it won’t work if you don’ t know what to do and if you have not learnt the right skills and have the digital education that you will need.

There are many ways to earn a living online and you will need to find a way that is right for you and will fit around your interests.

If your love writing (like I do) then maybe blogging will be the way for you.

You can build your blog to create affiliate offers and when it grows you can monetise it with ads and create a passive income. It does take work and time and don’ t believe anyone who tells you that it is going to be easy. You will need to learn a lot of skills to get your blog up and running the correct way.

You can learn how to sell products online. Both digital products, you can be an affiliate for these, or you can learn how to create your own digital products. Or you can learn how to sell physical products online, by learning the step by step process to finding in-demand products.

If you love social media, then you can learn how to become a Social Media Marketing sensation. You can manage other businesses social media accounts and actually get paid to do this.

If any of those interest you then this is the same training that I have used that has taught me how to build this website and to start on my digital lifestyle journey. You can have a look at the Free Workshops which will show you how you too can create a life you love using your skills and interests to generate an income with a laptop.


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The Digital Life Isn’ t for Everyone

Sorry to burst your bubble.

If you are looking for something that is quick easy and where you do no work, then click away now because this is not one of those.

What you will find here is going to take some focus on your part and you will need to put in the work to achieve something meaningful.

When you set out on this journey you will notice a few differences from your day job.

There is no one breathing down your neck telling you what to do.

If you do not have the self-motivation thing figured out, you will have some struggle with this.

It will be easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole doing everything else except the tasks that will move you forward.

Achieving nothing day in and day out, week in and week out.

When you go down the route of entrepreneurship, there is often no guidance unless you find the right system.

You will need to be able to figure things out for yourself.

You have to become a problem solver.

Most of all you will need to KNOW YOUR WHY

Simple Steps You Must Know Before You Transition From Your Day Job to the Digital Lifestyle

First, know your why?

I know you have heard this countless times before.

It is beginning to sound like a broken record but stop and take some time to really think about this.

If there is a key lesson I have learnt from my mentors on my journey of self-discovery, it is that you really need to know WHY if you want to create your digital lifestyle.

Why do you want to make those changes?

Believe me not liking your job is not a big enough WHY.

I’ ve worked with people who retired and still didn’ t like their job, this WHY has never motivated them over the years to do something about it.

It wasn’ t enough to make them want to make any changes and they resigned themselves to whining about their miserable life and job until they could retire.

Do you want to be one of those?

No, I thought not so that is a good reason to work out your WHY?

Sit down and write down all the reasons WHY you want to do this.

Then put them into order, with the least important at the bottom working your way up till you reach your most important reason.

When you have found your top reason,

Ask yourself, Is this enough to make you want to make the changes necessary in your life?

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Simple Steps To Transition to the Digital Life

If you want to achieve your goals then you may be  interested in this to help you there.

If you want to transition, then slow but sure always wins the race just like the tortoise and the hare, take your time, prepare, plan and know YOUR WHY.

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

Here’ s to living your digital life


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