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When my daughter was about two years old, she used to suffer from excruciating pain in her legs. Every so often, it would come not like a gentle wave but like a storm and she would scream out in agony holding onto her legs. It would often happen at inopportune moments, like when I was driving the car and she was in her car seat at the back and resulted in the inevitable stop until I was able to calm her down enough and wait for the pain to subside.

When it became more frequent, we had several trips to the doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and put it down to growing pains.

One evening, she had a particularly bad attack and even I felt a bit concerned at the level of her outburst and the pain she appeared to be in. No amount of Calpol was going to help this situation.

So I eased her into the car and drove down to the Accident and Emergency. After much consultation and toing and froing, the men in white coats decided to give her an X-ray.

By this time my daughter had calmed down considerably in fact she wasn’t screaming in the way she had been earlier and I am sure that the hospital had me down as a neurotic mother and the white coat men were in consultation with their colleagues in the mental health unit, for the mother.

I explained to my daughter what an x-ray was and what would happen. The nurse placed the protective garments around me and instructs my daughter to lie on the x ray table with firm instructions to stay still.

Now, if anyone has raised a two year old, you will know that this is like placing cake in front of a dieter and saying don’t touch it.

Hence why I am kitted out to stand next to her and receive a dose of radiation as well.

By some feat she managed to complete her x –ray and as she jumped off the table she declared ‘I’m feeling much better now, mummy’.

You see my daughter had thought that the x-ray was her treatment.

She was keen to show me that she could now walk with no pain any longer and the magic bed had certainly done it’s trick.

Her x-ray showed nothing untoward, but that was clear from the way she was by that stage prancing around the Accident and Emergency waiting room and I shuffled in my chair feeling embarrassed as the staff looked at me as if I had wasted their precious time.

Hell, they hadn’t seen her performance earlier!!

I have always wondered about this event as it clearly indicated the power of the mind.

My daughter thought that she was being treated by having an x-ray and after this she felt better. There was no pain in her legs any longer.

This is a clear placebo effect at work. The placebo effect tells the mind you are having treatment and immediately you tell your mind you are taking medication and you start to feel better.

It is not just with medical matters that this information is important but in our everyday day to day lives.

When you tell your mind something it believes it.

When you wake up saying ‘I feel so tired’ – guess what your mind tells your body you are tired and that is the way you start your day.

When you tell yourself ‘I feel sad’, guess what you feel sad.

When you tell yourself ‘I don’t feel like going into work today’, guess what you have a rotten day at work .

Re-framing the way you think and approach things on a day to day basis is so important for the way you feel.

Just try this for a week.

When you wake up tell yourself

‘I am looking forward to this special day ahead of me. Good things are coming my way. This is the start of the best day in my life.’

Then go through your day and stop yourself from entertaining any negative thoughts. Of course it won’t be easy and those negative thoughts are going to come but when you find this happening, simply stop them and say something like

‘Cancel, cancel cancel’

and then start again thinking positively.

Try to do this for a week.

Simply observing what comes up for you.

Tony Robbins talks about this method in his training and gives value to the power of positive thought.

In order to move yourself forward, you need to change your negative thought patterns.

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