The About Me page is probably the first page people turn to when they come across your blog.  

You will need to be able to captivate their attention on this page and get them to have a look at some of your other pages.

So how do you construct the perfect about me page

Instead of telling show them

for example instead of saying I read books

Try ‘on a rainy afternoon you will find me curled up in front of the log fire reading, The Four Hour Work Week or whatever book you read.

This tells them a bit about you what you like and creates a picture of you. They will be able to identify with you immediately if reading is their thing they will connect and want to read on more.


Let’ s get you started with your own

About Me Page.

Tip 1 to Create Your About Me Page

Step 1 –   Write down 5 things about you that you enjoy doing

Here’ s mine:-

I like yoga





Tip 2 – To Create Your Fabulous About Me Page  

Step 2 – For each of those things you like doing, write this in a way that is interesting and creative.

For example, here’ s mine:-

There’ s nothing better than waking up and stretching in the Salute to the Sun, each morning, it starts my day the way I want it go on, in flow and full of energy.

The rhythm of the steps calms my mind as I take in the scenery around me.   I connect with nature, as I am part of my local walking group that meets each week.

The tedium of the long flight has to be endured to take in the sights and sounds of the new country. I love nothing more than stepping out of the plane and seeing foreign signs it makes my brain think. I love the differentness to learn how a different culture ticks

I love nothing better than eating fresh pasta in Italy there is nothing that tastes like it. Or soaking up the sun in the Canaries. Scaling the Eiffel Tower and at every opportunity, you will find me exploring a corner of the world.

There is something about theatre, the unexpected which captivates me, something can go wrong on the night and I love this element of suspense.  

Now you have a go, try to make it interesting and would you enjoy reading about you?

Tip 3 – To Create Your Own About Me Page  

Step 3 – Create your mission

Now we want to know what makes you tick?

We are going to tell others what your offering is all about and what you are trying to do.

So, what do you want to offer?

My mission is to spread the word about the digital world and earning a living whilst have location freedom because I believe that there is another way.

Basically, I am saying if you have thought about creating a new life for yourself then I can show you how to gain the skills you need to create this, using new digital skills and the wonders of the digital world.

How can you go about showing your mission?

There are two ways you can go about this.

First, is that you either have already done what you are going to show, so you do this by using your own experience.

Or secondly, if you haven’ t got the experience then you can you this by walking along the journey with them, step by step showing them, what you are doing as you do it and are trying new things. You are showing what worked and what didn’ t work — cos let’ s face it that’ s the reality of it.

Sharing your failures is just as important as the successes.

Now spend some time brainstorming and thinking of your mission.

To help you, try to answer the following questions:

Who exactly do you want to help?

How are you going to do this?

Do you have a specific mission in mind?

For example, it may be to create 50 digital mums who live the freedom lifestyle from home enabling them to raise a family and share every moment of their life?

Or maybe it is to help 100 mums create their own digital bliss.

Now go add your mission to your own About Me Page.

Create About Me Page

Tip 4 to Create Your About Me Page  

Step 4 — Add your personality

The problem is many people will look at someone else’ s blog and think that’ s a great idea and copy it.

The problem is that this not them. It’ s not their personality. It does not have a good fit, kind of like that dress that’ s been at the back of your wardrobe you know the one you bought cos it looked good on Emily, but when you tried it on you looked like a squashed … ?

Well let’ s just say, it just didn’ t quite have the same fit for you.

It wasn’ t you.

You have to find your own style and your own personality needs to come through on your About Me page.

This is in the way you speak.

For example, I don’ t swear it does not come naturally to me it is not something I have done growing up and if I ever happen to have a swear word come out of my mouth it never sounds right.

For some reason, it just sounds wrong coming out of my mouth.

Other people may have a very jovial kind of speaking voice for example

‘Hiya Gallies, how ya all doing’ .

Again that’ s not my speaking voice. It would not come through authentically for me and people will soon see that I am trying to create and be something that I am not.

So think of the way you speak naturally and use this to come through in your About Me page.

Use the things that give you joy as again this will come through in your message.

You’ re trying to connect with people who are like you so trying to be someone else just isn’ t going to cut it.

about page digital life workshops is the digital life for you

Now that you have some ideas about what content to add your About Me page, I hope you will have fun creating your own About Me page.

Post you links below to your About Me pages and share how this post has helped you.

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If you want to transition, then slow but sure always wins the race just like the tortoise and the hare, take your time, prepare, plan and know YOUR WHY.

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

Here’ s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum