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Mena Trott – Meet The Founder of The Blog Revolution and Typepad

Blogging has become a way to share a part of people’ s lives online and so many people all over the world have started their own blog to build a friendlier and more connected world. But what makes you start a blog and why would you do that? Surely a blog is as far fetched from being friendly and sharing?

Today, I wanted you to meet Mena Trott — Founder of the Blog Revolution who goes about sharing her own personal story and how a simple story about a Banjo changed her life.

She started at the age of 23 years with her first experiences and how they shaped her.

 Mena Trott – Our Personal Stories and the Blogging Revolution

Mena Trott asks us to Think about blogs because blogs can change our lives.

I love listening to inspiring women share how they started up and came about.

So here’ s to Mena Trott with her Ted Talk –

Sharing the Word about the Digital World for all us ladies all over the world.

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