Blogging seems easy till you get started. But what happens when you fall into the stop start cycle with blogging.

I know what it is like because I have fallen into that blogging hole at various times. No matter how organised we may be as mums, we have to accept that life catches up with all of us at times.

I believe in starting with honesty and I am not going to sugar coat this.

I have fallen into this cycle of build, build, build where I am so totally consumed by creating blogs posts to share with you only to have my focus taken elsewhere. 

When I first started this blog for mums who wanted to create a digital lifestyle and educate themselves I made it a point to be consistent and regular.

I posted blogs daily.

I shared my blog posts.

I was so focused on my mission to help other mums create a life they love.

digital skills for mums

Then I hit a lull.

I am not sure what happened but I would stop writing and posting my blogs as I began to focus on others things.

My other main focus has been in the kindle self publishing niche.

In the end the schedule of blogging and kindle writing, alongside this thing called life and family, was not sustainable and something had to give.

How Blogging Burnout Affected Me

I considered whether I needed to focus just on building the kindle side of my business as this was taking up a huge chunk of my time.

But there was always this nagging voice inside me, saying that I had something important to share on my blog.

Something that I could contribute to mums so that they could also learn what it takes to create a new lifestyle using th internet.

I felt that The Digital Mum, was the way that I could share what I had learnt along my journey.

The Digital Mum was set up to show you what I had done to build a lifestyle online.

I wanted to share this in order to help other women who had or were raising their family, who wanted to find out if there is a way to change their live’s using the digital world.

I knew when I first started out that I didn’t know where to begin. I wanted to show them how to avoids the traps that I had fallen into.

You see, I wanted to stop this cycle for mums starting out online, I wanted them to take the right path and not have the wasted journey that I had had along the way.

The detours and turns.

The hills and downhills.

The bumps and ditches.

Set a realistic blogging schedule

One of the things you need to do when you start out online is that you need to learn to be consistent and not to go into these stopstart cycles.

Like I said I am only telling you from my own expereince what to do and what not to do.  I didn’t say that I had got everything right, and you never stop learning in anything that you do.

One way that I have found to blog regularly is to set my a realistic posting schedule.

I had wanted to blog for seven days a week, this was simply too much alongside everything else that I had.

It seems that sometimes you learn some lessons and others you don’t.

It’ s not easy but sometimes we just have to accept that we are not super human and we cannot do everything ourselves ( a real mum flaw).

We need to accept that sometimes we set goals that we just can’t achieve when we set the bar too high.

The final straw as you will see from my last post was that my laptop gave out on me, stopped working just like that.  It took a couple of weeks before I was able to have it repaired ( although I did in the end purchase a new one and should have done so from the outset but alas hindsight is a great thing) so I lost further momentum and I entered a stop start cycle once again.

I had pondered whether to revive this blog or whether to start a new blog afresh?

I shared some insightful stuff that could help someone to bring about change in their lifestyle.

So I’ve made the decision to continue with The Digital Mum and to share what I have learnt along my digital journey and hope that it will help you to take the leap into the unknown.

Perhaps even to try this digital lifestyle and to see if it can make a difference in your life and for your family.

I don’t profess to know everything, or to have made thousands of dollars or to have figured this out as yet.

So why should you follow me?

Because all I can do is to tell you what I have done online in the past three years. The journey that I have had.

The lessons that I have learnt.

The tools that I am now using.

Maybe just maybe I can save you the three years of struggle that I went down.

Here’ s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital Lifestyle

Because there is another way!

The Digital Mum

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