Keeping to a blogging schedule is hard!! I have to admit that in the beginning it was at times a real struggle.

Firstly, you have to find the time to come up with content ideas.

Then you have to create the content for your blog.

If you are a busy mum or maybe still working a full time job, then you will know that it is not going to be easy to keep up to date with everything that you will need to do with your blog content strategy.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is creating content and then to keep creating content without burning out.

If you’ ve not started your blog yet then here is a step by step guide

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7 Ideas To Kick Start Your Blog Content Strategy

In order to get started creating blog content, you need to have ideas of what to write on your blog.

It’ s no use sitting down in your allocated blogging time whilst the kids are taking a nap or occupied for a short time, when you are sitting there wondering what to write.

You know those feelings…

The more you try to come up with content ideas, the bigger the struggle feels.

We all feel a bit stuck sometimes when it comes to blog content, so know that you are not alone.

When you feel this way, the best thing to do is to take a break and find inspiration elsewhere. I know this sounds counterintuitive, when you have a set amount of time left, but stepping aside is the best way to get those ideas flowing again.

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7   Things That Work When you’ ve run out of blog content ideas

1. Keep A Content Planner

This could be as simple as a notebook. Or you could use google docs, Trello or Evernote. They all have the same ends in mind — to keep those brimming ideas in one place.

You need to write down every thought you may have about what your blog is about.

This can include keywords that you heard. Perhaps something you overheard or even questions people have asked.

Ideas will hit you at the most random times.

You may think, I must remember that for later, but by the time you find time to start writing, that thought will be long gone.

Tip 1 – Get into the habit of jotting down ideas whenever they hit you.

When you sit down to write and inspiration is failing you, all you have to do is open your chosen method of recording and there you have a list of content ideas to get started with.

2. Research content marketing websites

Keep on board with what is going on in your niche by researching content from other websites.

You will find lots of useful ideas of what others are saying.

All you need to do is repurpose and put your own spin on it ( HINTdon’ t copy!!).

You need to find you own voice and use relevant information that is going to be useful to your audience.

Here are some places where you can also look to find inspiration:

Quora– find out what questions people are asking in your niche. You can also answer them back here and link back to your blog. What’ s there not to like?

Medium– You will find so many content ideas in Medium. Here writer’ s are creating unique content in their own voice. You are sure to find interesting ideas here.

Answer the Public — this is a great resource as it gathers the questions that people are asking in your niche and organises them by keyword. Half the work is already done for you.

Google Trends — This handy tool will help you find top query searches and trends within your niche. You will see what people are searching for then all you need to do is create content around that.

Pinterest Search Tool — this is similar to the google trends tool but if you go to pinterest and type in your search term, you will be given a list of ideas of what people are searching for. I’ ve heard that Pinterest are taking this tool away and some have already lost access, so I can’ t guarantee you still have access to it, by the time you read this post.

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3. Google Snippets

Have you noticed that Google will throw up a list of questions that people are searching for?

For example

When I type in “blog Content Ideas ”

blog content strategy

After the paid ads, the first search term was from coschedule and after that, you will see

People also ask

What are good topics to write about in a blog?

What are the most popular topics?

How do I make my blog content unique?

How do I choose content for my blog?

 Another idea for your content is that you can write content that answers these questions.

This will give you a huge range of ideas, it will also improve your search engine rankings. If google realises that you are answering these questions with clear and structured answers, it will show your content.

 If I decided to answer a snippet like that, my answer might look something like this: –

What are good topics to write about in a blog?

Good topics to write about will be those that are relevant to your niche.

If you are wondering which blog niches to get started with.

Here is a list of some of the most popular blog types:

Food blogs — Always a big hit, everyone has to eat and not everyone knows what to cook

Travel blogs –   these were very popular until Covid-19. These blogs had to adapt and find ways to create content around travel especially when no one in the world could travel. There is always a way to angle your blog content, and the travel niche is no different. People at this time would be searching for destinations that they could still travel to, what are the quarantine restrictions, do you need a test to travel etc

Other topics that are good to write about would be:-

Lifestyle blogs-

Health & Fitness blogs

DIY blogs

Sports blogs

Pet Blogs — dogs and cats

Fashion blogs

Parenting Blogs

How to guides.

Beginners Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

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4. Ask Your Audience

As you grow your blog and your following, then you will want to make sure that you are serving the people who follow you.

You will want to ask them what they want to know. What they want to learn about.

This is one of the reasons why building an email list is important and something you should implement early on into your blogging strategy.

Gaining feedback from your audience will help you come up content that is relevant and interesting.


5 . Join Facebook Groups

I was hesitant about whether to add this one or not because if you are like me you have a love hate relationship with Facebook.

It is not my preferred platform but there is a lot of information to learn from groups within your niche in facebook groups.

Join some groups and see what topics people are talking about.

Then see if you can join the conversation and add your take on the topic and create some blog content from those topics of interest.

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6. Join the email list of the popular blogs in your niche.

This is a great way to keep relevant as well. By following popular blogs in your niche you will see what they are blogging about.

You can then find ways to add your voice, make it unique to you, and provide your views on the topic.

Maybe you agree with them or perhaps you have other ideas to add.

You won’ t know until you hear what conversations are going on around us.

It will give you ideas and think why you were drawn to that posts or a particular title.

Here’ s one I received from Neil Patel —

‘How to come up with 93 blog Ideas in 10 minutes ”

Firstly, the title draws you in. 93 ideas wow wow wow.   Immediately you are thinking is that even possible.   Then in 10 minutes, you are a busy mum and you haven’ t got time so this sounds great. You are sold and want to read more.

7. Type of Blog posts

Another idea is to come up with content is to create content around the types styles of blog content. What  do I mean by this. Here are some examples:-

List Posts —   you can create list posts with 5 SEO tips,   3 Ideas for better blog content, 7 mistakes I made when starting blogging.

Think of lists using your keywords to create content.

How To PostsHow to chose your niche, how to write your first blog post, how to start your blog.

Story post — the story post is a great way to create blog content. But this method is going to take a bit more time. It is great if you have a flair for writing and creating stories.

You would need to start by creating a unique original story.

Your story should capture your audience’ s attention.

You will need a strong headline.

Your story will need to answer a question that they were searching for.


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How to Improve Your Blog Content Strategy – 7 Things That Work When You’ ve Run Out of Blog Content Ideas


  1. Keep A Content Planner
  2. Research content marketing websites
  3. Google Snippets
  4. Ask Your Audience
  5. 5. Join Facebook Groups
  6. Join the email list of the popular blogs in your niche
  7. Type of Blog posts

I hope that these have given you some ideas so that you Never Run Out of Blog Post Content Ideas ever.

The Digital Mum