Looking for the best mom blogs to follow in 2021? Whether you are just starting out or are a more established mom blogger, it makes sense to want to know who’ s who and what’ s what in the mommy blog space.

It makes sense to see what the best mommy blogs are saying? Each journey in motherhood is unique, so everyone’ s story is different. But what brings all mommy blogs together, apart from the parenting tips of course, is one thing.

How do they make money with their blog?

Most of all you want to know are they still making money blogging?

And the next question you probably have, is can you also make money with a blog?

Given the number of mommy blogs that are still doing well out there, you can take that as a firm and screaming toddler YES!

Otherwise why would these top mom bloggers still continue to write their blogs.

best mom blog list

Let’ s get on with it then.

I’ ve been scouring the internet for the best mommy blogs that are getting talked about, inspire, are helpful. You know the stuff, just like having a comforting warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders just like mom did it when you were in need of a hug.

But if you are wondering how other moms have found a range of different niches to blog about (some you may not even have thought you could start a blog in that niche), you will be surprised to learn more in the list below.

Before we get started, I hope you will feel inspired and think maybe you can do this too.

If you are not sure how to get started, then read my Easy Step-By-Step Guide on How to start your own blog.

Not sure which niche to choose?

Or maybe you think blogging is dead?

Let’ s get started with the best mom blogs I have found.

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My Top Pick of Momblogs

Work from Home Mommy Blogs

The work from home mom blogs are very popular, but can be competitive.

You also have to be careful this does not fall into YMYL (Your Money or Your Life).

YMYL content is something that Google is cracking down on more. It describes this as content that can impact a person in some way, for example their health or finances. Basically, the content should not be making claims that it can change your life without doing anything, that would be stupid anyway. Or claiming that you can lose weight just by sitting around or with methods that have no proven foundation.

When you write in these categories, google wants to know that you have some expertise or experience in the area and that the content you provide is not detrimental to others. For example, if you are starting a health related blog, then you must be able to back this up. You need to be a health expert like a doctor, nurse etc. so you can back up where this knowledge and information is coming from.  

That said many work from home blogs are now well established and are able to prove the offers they make having been there and have had others take their courses and have success.

This range of mompreneurs found ways to stay home and raise their young families by starting their own blogs.

Frankly, I have no idea how they did it, what with having babies and young ones in tow.

But somehow, they seem to have been very focused and organised.

They have been able to divide their time between these two competing aspects well.

Hats off to them for what they have been able to create.

best mom blogs to follow

List of Best Mom Blogs 2021


This is run by Elna Cain, who started this when she had her twins. Yes she did it whilst raising two!!

Elna’ s field is in freelance writing, with no prior experience she started to learn all she could and developed several blogs.

She also has some really good courses. I know this because I have used them. I only recommend products that I have used and tried.

One of her popular ones, if you are interested in creating a freelance writing gig is Write Your Way to Your First $1k

Ready Set Blog for Traffic

Freelance Blogging in a Weekend

I have taken Elna’ s courses and am part of her community, so I am speaking from experience. She is active in her communities and keeps her courses updated.


This fab blog is run by mommy Carly Cbell (I think that’ s short for something and cbell sounds quite catchy).

Carly is really knowledgeable on all things blogging and Pinterest.

Again she got started when her kids were young carving out time whilst they took naps or family took them for a few hours. This really means you can build a blog with just a few hours a day if you put your mind to it.

Carly has some great courses some of them are FREE.

She has a FREE Start a blog course

how to start a blog

Once you have got your blog up and running, then you will want to know how to get traffic to it.

That’ s why she created Pinteresting Strategies. So you can learn every about Pinterest.

pinterest training

She recently updated it. I like courses that keep themselves refreshed as the internet changes so quickly. Who wants outdated courses?

That course is how I managed to write this blog post on how I increased my pinterest traffic.

And why your pinterest views have gone down which has got me so much traffic.

If you want to know how to monetize your blog, then she has got you covered with ideas of how to use affiliate offers in your blog.

Carly also runs a successful Facebook group, Blogging Like We Mean it. It is a really active community with lots of tips and advice. It is an active group and well worth the join whatever stage of blogging you are at. Just search it on Facebook and ask to join.

Start a momblog.com

Suzi Whitford is well known in this space for her printables. She is a master at it and will show you how to create and sell printables. This is what she does and has been really successful, doing this with a young family and she has since retired her husband who has joined her in their online venture.

I’ ve not taken any of her paid courses as yet, but she has some great free offerings. Just go to her website and take a look .

If you have that creative flair and printables and designing workbooks, planners, charts are your thing, then start a mom blog is the place to go.

Lifestyle Mom Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are going to be the trend in 2021 because they offer much more versality and pen licence to write about a variety of topics.

You are not stuck in a box writing on the same thing over and over again.

When you take a look at any of these type of blogs ( and I suggest you do) you will see that they cover a wide range of topics.

One day they are talking of the best lippy to have and the next it is about raising a spiritual child.

If your brain is active and you like to write on a wide range of topics, then maybe a lifestyle blog is for you.

Don’ t get confused with a lifestyle blog and influencer blog.

They are quite different and if you read any of these lifestyle blogs, you will see that they are not trying to be influencers. They are just sharing knowledge of various parenting related topics that they already know or have tried and tested.

Techsavvymama talks about parenting in the digital age. She covers a wide range of topics from technology, to education. Most importantly she talks about tween and teen safety on the internet 

Lifestyle blog covering a range of latest trends in topics in style, beauty, ski, travel.

A Cup of Jo | Style, Culture, Motherhood, Travel, Food & Life
Another great lifestyle blog talking about style, design, food, travel, relationships, motherhood,

Makeup Obsessed Mom | A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
Covers topics about midlife beauty, health tips, skincare, reviews and advice for women over 40

More Than Toast | Motherhood, Beauty, Style, Interiors, Travel, Food, Life
This lifestyle blog covers life, food, interiors, travel, beauty, motherhood, love, work

Is more focused and talks on motherhood mainly, from baby to breastfeeding, labour and birth, to those first days as a parent. If you are a new parent or parent to be you will find useful tips from someone who has been there.

After having her children and having student loans to pay back, Emily the face behind A mom creates, started this blog to create an income. Whilst the blog has not been updated recently and she runs it on Squarespace (I don’t recommend starting a blog on squarespace if you want to really grow it)

If you want to start a blog the right way then this FREE Start a blog course

start a blog

I think she started out on Squarespace, but now runs several other blogs hence qhy he has not kept that one updated, her main one is a travel blog Amomexplores . As a freelance travel writer, she talks about travel with of course a family and how to make this much easier. This is what happens with a blog. It evolves and grows as you grow and your interests change.

Talks about everything to do with pregnancy and parenting. Amber is a mother of five children. I know!! Kudos to her for creating this whilst raising her tribe. She has a wide range of topics and uses her personal experiences and has grown this blog over the past 12 years.

Stay At Home Mom Blogs

If you simply want to talk about what it is like to be a mum who stays at home, then here are a few mums who have done just that. They would fall under lifestyle blogs, but are more niche in talking to mums who want to stay at home.

The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

– SAHM, plus… Stay at home mom – parenting, marriage, travel, and being more than a mom

Budget Mom Blogs


The Budget Mom

Funny Mom Blogs

My Life Suckers

The Funny Mom Blog

Mommy Shorts

Single Mom Blogs

Wealthy Single Mommy

If you are still undecided about whether to start a blog of your own, then you will want to read

Is it too late to start a blog?

Wondering if you will have time, then check these time management tips for mums.

Undecided on your niche, this will help you break it down.

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