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If Public Speaking is the one thing you want to learn or need to learn then Andy Harrington may be your man, he is the Public Speaking Expert.

Andy Harrington is no stranger to struggle street journey.

He was working in a call centre making just £1500 per month.

Frustrated with his dead end job he borrowed £10,000 from the bank and started a business that made him a millionaire several times over.

Andy Harrington sold that business, and now focuses on coaching people to become the world’s best speakers through his Public Speakers University and Professional Speakers Academy.

With his Stress Free Speaking System he claims to be able to transform your life and your career.

Now, I have seen Andy Harrington training on his video and he really is a persuasive speaker who conveys his point across (even with all the subliminal messages) but I just felt that there was something arrogant about him and maybe he has every right to be arrogant as he has achieved a lot in his life.

I have to agree that he is a charismatic speaker, I just felt a bit infuriated with him constantly saying:-

‘Raise your Hand if you understand’

‘Does that make sense’ ‘Is that Yes or No’

The 5 Key Messages he shared:

Impact – to become a person of impact you need to be comfortable breaking people’s habits and the way they think

Inform – You need to learn to create content to inform. Share your ideas, solve people’s problems and turn your ideas into a coherent system.

Inspire – In order to change your customers state you will need to inspire them to follow you.

Influence – Your communication is key to becoming a person of influence

Income – These four I’s will together determine the level of your income and success.

And Guess What?

Andy Harrington is going to show you the way.

Andy Harrington will teach you to public speaking skills that will become your assets.

His courses range from £5999 but at the Success Resources Seminar he was offering it at a steal of £1991. ( I know my thoughts too!)

There’s a range of resources out there to help you on your journey to success but where do you start?

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