If you are searching for blog content tips and what to write about on your blog.

Wondering how to write blog content in a unique way, then you are in the right place.

I’ m going to assume that you have taken the first steps on your blogging journey, and maybe even started your blog already and chosen your blog niche.

I hope that you have found my other blog posts useful in getting started to create a life you love and putting into place your own financial freedom plan.

I know what it’ s like, when you are starting to create something meaningful, it can be hard at the start, trying to learn new skills whilst also juggling a family, (it’ s hard, I know, I’ ve been there !!) so I wrote some posts to help.

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But today, you wanted to know what to write on your blog, since you’ ve narrowed down your niche and started your blog.

If you’ ve read my previous posts then you will know that I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to stick to topics that genuinely interest you. AND, at the same time, it needs to provide value to your readers.

That means your blog posts need to be either entertaining or valuable enough that it solves a problem.

Here are

3 Blogging Content Tips

that are IMPORTANT when you are writing your blog posts.

3 important things you need to know when planning content for your blog woman head low at computer wondering what to write

1. Be authentic and real!

If you’re writing about a topic that you have no interest in but you’re only doing it because you see that other bloggers are successful at it, you’re likely going to give up.

Not to mention, your readers will see right through you based on the way you write.

TRUST ME, your readers will know that you aren’t being genuine!

Also, it doesn’t hurt to show a bit of vulnerability in your writing!

(I do this all the time, I share my successes, but I also share those failures. After all I wouldn’ t be human if I didn’ t share these as well.) Read my post about my blogging mistakes 🙁

Readers appreciate this A LOT!

Your readers will connect with you and your story.

When you share this in a genuine manner they will love this.

It is really like talking to your best friend at times and telling them what it was like.

I sometimes do this when I am writing a blog post. I actually start at the top with ‘Dear Ruby’ and then I start to write it like I am telling her everything.

The tone of my blog is friendly and I want to connect with other females who have raised a family or are still raising a family.

I don’ t want to use corporate speak or be too formal in my blog posts. I want to develop a rapport and an easy going tone with my readers.

Try to be yourself.

Be genuine.

Share and show some vulnerability.

Speak to who you are writing to.

This will make blogging much easier.  

3 tips for better blog content woman at desk writing happily

2.Solving the reader’s problem:

We’ ve talked about this before and I don’ t want to seem like a nag but this is really important and I want you to get this.

I know that you’ll want to write about topics that you really ENJOY talking about. But it is also important that you are AUTHENTIC, and at the same time, you need to KEEP THE READER IN MIND.

Your content needs to hit their pain points and be able to solve their problems!

Your content doesn’t need to be life-changing NOR do you have to re-invent the wheel.

Again, readers are either looking for entertainment, inspirational ideas or a solution to their problem. Let’s go through some examples…

Example 1: Personal Finance

You may want to blog about saving, family finances and increasing income.

The good thing about keeping a general niche at first is that you can blog about whatever you want within personal finance (e.g. earn and save, frugal living, investing, budgeting, etc.).

You can test as many sub-niches and see what resonates with your readers.

Maybe you want to niche down in Debt and Getting Debt Free.

With a journey (like getting out of debt or reaching financial independence), you can write down your own goals and progression.

There are readers who will want to join your journey and follow you if you have a getting out of debt story.

They can probably relate better to you, when you share and be genuine and what steps you took.

Readers want to know what you did, because if it worked for you then maybe, just maybe it can work for them too.

Example 2: Parenting

Maybe you just want to enter the mummy blog space and talk about your experiences of being a mum.

You can give them tips and talk about products you found useful, maybe activities to do with a young child, parenting in the digital world and managing the kids on devices etc, managing behaviour (this is a huge one!! ) The possibilities are endless.

Just keep it focused on the blog niche of parenting and think what problem are you solving for the parent.

Maybe as you start to blog you find that you have cool strategies to manage toddler behaviour.

Maybe you could sub niche and focus on managing behaviour strategies for toddlers. Or your blog could focus on behaviour through each age range as this changes with each age stage development.

Maybe you have a unique perspective for example in Twins Mummy, Elna Cain talks about raising her twins, obviously this is then a smaller niche market but her audience will then be speaking to other twin mummies and how they manage and she shares useful tips and ideas she learnt on her mummy journey.

There’s no right or wrong approach to how you get started in your blog niche. The key really is to just get started.

Write what appeals to you in your blog niche.

You will know what works best for you by trying different things and soon you will have so many blog content ideas you will wonder why you ever struggled to think of what to write.

3 Ideas to create blog content easily

3. Planning Out Your Content

First, decide on how much time you have to write out your content.

Writing up a really good blog post is not something you will do in a few minutes you will really need to give this time.

There’ s research that you may need to do.

Time to write the first draft, time to edit and re-draft and make your content so easy and interesting to read that your readers will love what you write.

Then you need to find images and design pins for Pinterest (which is the platform I use to promote my blog).

This all takes time.

If you were planning to blog 2 or 3 time a week, stop and think about whether you have time for this.

It is better to blog consistently rather than once one week and three times the next because you had more time one week.

It will be better to schedule out those extra posts for those weeks when you run short of time. I know we are all busy so making this time is not going to be easy.

I’ ve been using Trello to start to plan out my content. Yes there’ s a short learning curve but once you get it this will make keeping track of planning and posting much easier.

How to Plan Out your Content

First, have a huge brain dump. Write down all the ideas you have about blog topics you could write about.

Then see if any of them are in the same sort of subject area.

For example, I realised that I had a lot to say on Blogging so I spent a few weeks just writing about blogging tips.

The great part about this was that the research was the same and the posts all flowed into one. I was able to plan out several weeks of content just writing about blogging.

Using this method, I have planned content for the next 3 months and tend to keep to one subject area at a time. For example, I will look at product reviews for a period of time and review various products and tools that I use, time management and productivity.

Here’ s my content writing strategy, feel free to tweak it to suit you

  • Brain dump with all the possible blog titles I could write about. I don’ t worry too much about perfecting the title, I focus more on what the blog post will be about. You can perfect the title later.
  • Plan which blog posts you will write over the next 3 month period.
  • Work out which time of day you will write and how long you have to focus on writing. At that set writing time, just start drafting out your posts. Don’ t stop for research. When you come to an area that you need to research just make a note of it on your draft. The important thing is not to stop your writing flow. Using this method you will soon create a huge conveyor belt of content that you will come back to and perfect.
  • The next task is to complete the research for the post that you will be publishing,
  • Find images, that are relevant and connect the reader to your content. I suggest having at least 3 images. I do more as I make my images into pinterest pins so that my content can be shared easily from my site. I tend to make about 10-15 pins for each piece of content and I will be writing some posts about Pinterest and creating content as we go along this journey.
  • Edit the draft so that it reads and flows well. Keep sentences short and structured and don’ t waffle on. Remember that many people have little time, they will skim over what you are saying. Highlight the key areas that you want them to know and read. Use bold, larger font, and headings to divide and make your blog post really clear.
  • Once you are ready you will need to add your content to your wordpress dashboard. Give it one last check and then hit publish.
  • I have 3 draft bins on content. I call this the 3 Blog Content Method Approach and I learnt this from Jeff Goins who writes at Goins Writer  . This ensures that I have a steady flow of content and ideas.

-Content that is in first draft

-Content that has had research completed, images found and second edit completed.

-Content that is ready to be published. This content is scheduled to automatically publish each week.

blog and content for blog Write the perfect blog post quickly create blog content fast

3 Blogging Content Tips & Strategies or what to write on your blog.

First ensure that you have narrowed down your niche, if you need any help then I wrote a blog post for you on choosing your niche.

  1. Be authentic and real
  2. Solving your reader’s problem
  3. Planning Out Your Content

 Here’ s my content writing strategy,

  • Brain dump with all the possible blog titles
  • Plan which blog posts you will write over the next 3 month period.
  • Work out which time of day you will write and how long you have to focus on writing
  • Complete the research
  • Find images
  • Edit the draft
  • Highlight the key points you want to share
  • Add your content to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Give it one last check and then hit publish.


Use the

3 Blog Content Method Approach

to plan out content, this means you will always have something ready to publish.

  • Content that is in first draft
  • Content that has had research completed, images found and second edit completed.
  • Content that is ready to be published. This content is scheduled to automatically publish each week.
3 Things you need to know tips for blog content relaxed  woman at computer drinking coffee

I hope that this has given you some ideas about how to approach your blog content.

Happy blogging.

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