Running an online business is a dream come true to many whose innate trait is that of the introvert.

Introverts naturally shy away from boisterous company but this does not mean that they are shy.

On the contrary.

Introverts know their own mind.

They just don’ t need to constantly tell the whole world what they are thinking at every given moment of the day.

Here are 23 Successful Introverts.

JK Rowling


Rosa Parks

Bill Gates

Steven Spielberg

Sir Isaac Newton

Eleanor Roosevelt

Mark Zuckerberg

Larry Page

Al Gore

Marrisa Meyer

Abraham Lincoln

Warren Buffett

Mahatma Ghandi

Hillary Clinton

Michael Jordan

Charles Darwin

Meryl Streep

Elon Musk

Dr Seuss

Fredric Chopin

Steve Wozniak

Barack Obama

Listen to this Ted Talk by Susan Cain, whose book, Quiet speaks volumes to all those introverts about success and being who you are.

The Power Of Introverts

Because the world would not work if everyone was an extrovert,

Introverts are valuable to this world.

Here’ s to living your digital life

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