There are some people who just get the digital world and how it works.

Whilst for others, all this Digital stuff just doesn’t come easily.

It transpired like this.

One of my work colleagues had travelled abroad and carried her work laptop with her. There should have been no problem and she should have been able to connect her work laptop to the hotel internet just as if she was at home. All the work laptops have the ability to connect to any wireless internet securely allowing you to access your work from just about anywhere in the world – amazing really – I can be in the office without physically being in the office.

So she should have been able to connect at the hotel with no problem.

That is how it should have happened.

We all know what it is really like when it comes to the digital world when you aren’t digitally savvy.

What can go wrong will ultimately go wrong.

Suffice to say, she could not connect to the internet.

I conveyed instructions back and forth over the weekend in my quest to help.

It was to no avail and we had to wait until we could speak to the IT department on Monday morning.  The guys who had really cracked this digital stuff and asked us questions which made no sense with their technical jargon.

Come Monday morning, as I was rushing off to a training, I asked our Admin support to call the IT Support to help my colleague.

Here’s my simple instruction (well at least I thought it was)

‘Please call IT and tell them that ….. is abroad, she cannot access the internet on her laptop, was there anything that needed to be configured on her laptop before she left or should she be able to connect to the internet just as if she was at home’.

Simple right?

If only!!!

I came back during the training break to check on their progress.

What I heard totally astonished me and made me realised that this digital stuff just does not come easily to everyone.

The admin support showed me the following email she had sent to our work colleague abroad,

‘Dear ….

Please call the IT department directly so that they can talk you through how to access the internet’.

Let’s, break this down, our admin support had emailed our colleague at her work email address.

Are you with me yet and holding your sides in?

Remember my colleague cannot access the internet on her work laptop.

So this wonderful email giving instructions was at the very best useless.

Like I said the Digital World is not for everyone!

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!
The Digital Mum